About us.

In 2010, after feeling the heavy hand of the economic downturn, my husband and I needed to come up with ideas to help keep us financially afloat. We were committed to making sure I could stay home with our four children. One night he brought home some product that he thought might have some fun applications. After many late nights (and maybe a few lemon drop martinis) the idea of HairThingz was born. 

We started out with just a few basic colors- our kids' favorites, naturally. Pink, purple, green, and blue. I would experiment with them in my hair, and our daughters' hair, until I had them perfect. Our daughters, Avery and Alexis, would wear them around town and we soon realized that we had a potentially successful product on our hands! We were stopped frequently as we ventured out of the house, with comments like, "Where did you get those? I love your daughters hair, how did you do that?" As we developed more interesting hairstyles, the interest and excitement grew.
Our first local market. Our hard working models, Alexis and Avery, pictured here. 
Throughout 2011 we conducted some local market research by setting up a booth at an outdoor market. The girls and I would demonstrate the product and sell packs of HairThingz to visitors, who were fascinated by them. The girls would wear them while on the trampoline or playing at the park, and we couldn't believe how well they stayed in their hair. I would wear them while swimming, bike riding, and running. I have worn them while running two marathons so far, and they stay put! Best of all, when I removed them afterwards, they didn't pull out a lot of hair with them. Let me add that when I work out, I sweat like a mule in heat- not pretty to say the least. Yet they came out of my salt-crusted, soaked hair so easily, I was amazed. 

One thing I have insisted on from the beginning is that we source our materials and packaging from the USA. Since we manufacture HairThingz in our little hometown of Vancouver, Washington, I take pride in having an American made product. While we could look to outsource to an overseas supplier, but I believe strongly we can do it better right here with American labor. I am a firm believer that making money should never be placed ahead of personal integrity.

HairThingz are now available in retailers, and we're excited about our little product! We are committed to providing fun, exciting products for you and your family. We hope you have as much fun with HairThingz as we do!

About Angela Keith

When I am not on the computer working on HairThingz, I write for Run Oregon blog, run as many miles as I can squeeze in, play with my kids, help at their school, paint, have date nights with my husband (which often doubles as a chance to run more miles), and try to be the best wife and mother I can be. 

Thank you for your interest in Hair Thingz. Please let me know what colors you are dying to have. I love customer input!
From my family to yours,
Angela Keith
Happy wife to Aric, who has been chained to me for 13 blessed years and many more stuck with me.
Proud mom to Alexis (7), Avery (7), Ayden (5), and Alexander (3)
(Yes, we are a family of all A's! I promise it wasn't intended, but by the fourth it was destiny that he have an "A" name.) 

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  1. Beautiful FAMILY! Thanks for sharing! Love the A's! @inRdream