Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mommy why?

(This amazing picture was taken by HairThingz photographer Darren Conerly of Conerly Photography. He is so good, if you are in the area go see him!) 

A little fun fact about my wonderful husband, Aric. He is one of those amazingly talent people who you want to hate but can't because he is so sweet. While I was pregnant with each of our four children he would write, perform and record a song for each. When our girls were 4 years old they asked to hear to "Nick's" song. I was racking my brains trying to figure out which song they meant. We don't have a child named Nick. Our friends have a son named Nick, though. When I asked them to sing a little bit of the song they said they didn't know how it went and continued to say, "You know the one his dad wrote for him?" Silly girls- they thought all dad's write songs for their kids. When I explained how lucky they were to have a dad that did that for them, they were sad and said, "Daddy needs to write a song for Nick, so he has a special song, too!" How sweet.

Here are the songs he wrote for Alexis and Avery. He wrote, sang, and did all the instruments, except for drums. Our good friend Derek played those. I'm pretty proud of my hubby. 

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